A surreal adventure between the universe!


Many worlds exist.
But where do they go?

A land between dimensions. An empty space with remnants of an civilization older than time. Higher beings known as the Seraphim design the blueprints for every instance of life that has come to being. This is where creation begins. This is Array.

Look below Array into the inky black depths and see a land of darkness. Floating chunks of nothingness orbit enormous balls of light. The worlds given form by the Absence, strange beings tasked with birthing, upholding and ending these universes. This is where creation rests. This is Lack.

These two planes are responsible for the continuation of the life cycle. However something is amiss.

Worlds are dying and the Seraphim have all but disappeared.

Save for one.
A Seraphi girl named Ani who has awoken alone in the empty world of Array. Is she the one who's meant to save it?
And just who is she anyway?

On her search for answers, she meets up with a disgruntled shark separated from his home world and a mysterious Absence shaped like a cat, who seems to know more than he lets on.

With the help of more friends they'll meet along the way, can they save the very fabric of reality from being snuffed out?


Hey there, thanks for sticking around~ 
I'm Jesse, I'm the author. I'm very excited to share this story with you. It comes from the depths of my imagination combined with these lovely characters that all represent bits and pieces of me.

I hope with it, I can weave a story about regret, forgivness and discovering who you are. All on a cosmic scale.

I've pulled a lot of influence from a number of bizarre places such as Homestuck, OFF, EarthBound, and a wide variety of music I listen to (in this case, primarily Sigur Ros and Swans).

The adventure is large, but the people are very human, despite their appearances. I hope you can all find some comfort in them as I do.

I hope you all enjoy!