A surreal adventure between the universe!



These comic pages are not part of any chapter

I - The Beginning

The start of a strange adventure through an empty, surreal place. Meet Ani and Pike.

II - The Journey

Ani and Pike cross the planets, but a mysterious creature from below watches...

III - Below & Above

Ani has fallen below...what kind of dark things lurk there?

IV - Information

The journey continues as the group re-unites. Reaching their destination they soon get some explanation...and meet a new face.

V - Falling Down Deep

Another trip deep into Lack, but accident. Secrets are revealed and tensions rise between the group.

VI - Tell Me Who You Are

Tensions rise as Vahn confronts Kveikur. Meanwhile Pike and Ani have a heart-to-heart before meeting the new girl.

VII - Stars Gone Out

Everything comes to a head, as secrets come out, and a new threat reveals itself.

VIII - Never Known Questions

The group is separated in a city of leftover worlds. Pike is missing. Mari questions everything and Ani starts to find out some things herself.

IX - Guilty Filthy Soul

As Astil makes her way into Lack, Pike wrestles with his past mistakes with a new "friend".

X - Regret Consumes Me

The search for Pike continues, while Pike regrets his past life and finally reveals what happened. Meanwhile danger is lurking...

XI - This Place Is Death

Pike finds a familiar place...and with it a familiar feeling of dread. All while IF and Efni fight off the ravenous Var.

XII - Find Me Again

Things have calmed down, but it's time to find out what the real threat is...yet someone new seems to have found us...

XIII - Who Am I

We meet two new Seraphim, while Ani continues to question who she is...perhaps Kveikur is ready to tell...

XIV - Identity

Vahn catches up with Basma and Turi while Ani wrestles with her true identity...

XV - The Warning

Var faces off with Astil, Vahn goes to Turi for advice and Ani speaks with her past self...what will they all learn?