A surreal adventure between the universe!



The mysterious girl of unknown origin who wakes up in a surreal landscape with no memory.

Ani has no recollection of events before this awakening and for good reason. Not that she's aware of these reasons at all.

Fueled by determination to find out who, what and where she is, she journeys across the mysterious world known simply as "Array" to re-discover strange powers and her own history locked within the confines of her clouded mind.

Spunky and full of energy, she's an expressive and curious girl, wanting to understand everything yet hardly understanding anything. She comes off a bit naive but only for a lack of understanding. She's a relatively quick learner, her only downfall being her emotions. Swinging back and forth very quickly, one minute she's happy and excited and the next she's distressed or angry.

Along the way she meets an eclectic group of friends all with different ideals and goals in mind but all seem to have a strange affinity for her.

Just why is she so important?



The short, angry shark from another world. Lost and troubled, he wants nothing more than to return home and for everything to go back to normal.

Pike was whisked away from his unpleasant, routine life and stranded in the same place as Ani for reasons yet unknown. However he still knows who he is, and it haunts him wherever he goes.

Pike is bitter and spiteful due to the unfortunate hand life has dealt him and has a tendency to lash out at his companions. He claims to have no friends or allegiances to anyone or anything. He simply follows Ani in hopes that she'll get him back home to his smelly apartment in the city.

Through all of the muck of his cynical disposition, is someone who's fighting to be a better person and prove to everyone that he's not entirely useless; something he's very quick to let everyone know. His deep seeded issues and past demons haunt him daily, but he refuses to talk about them with anyone.

He of course joins Ani reluctantly, as well as several other companions whom he generally doesn't get along with.

Maybe over time he'll open up to them?


The strange cat-like creature with one large eye, who appears to Pike and Ani on their adventure and seems to know more than anyone.

Kveikur is an important being known as an Absence and carries with him valuable information that could help them all on their journey. Of course, he's unwilling to let that information go.

His motives are unclear, but they seem to be in the best interest of the group's well-being as well as that of the universe. He will frequently disappear to take care of "errands" in the world that lies beneath Array he refers to as "Lack".

Filled with a seemingly unconditional love, Kveikur acts almost like the caretaker or "mother" to the group. He watches them carefully and is constantly concerned. He's selfless and wishes to help them all in whatever way he can, often at his own expense. In fact, he seems almost eager to sacrifice himself so long as one of them gets to live.

Kveikur reveals himself and immediately asserts himself as a sort of leader and mentor for the group. He is incredibly patient with even someone as jaded as Pike, and wants nothing more than to see their journey through to a successful end.

But what exactly is his role in all of this?


The warrior of the same species as Ani, who struggles to save all he's lost.

Vahn knows who he is, but is disoriented by the changes that Array has undergone in the aftermath of some terrible event he still doesn't fully grasp.

Upon meeting Ani, he knows he must help her recover her memories as well as re-discover her powers and the role she has to play.

Vahn is a no-nonsense kind of man. He tries desperately to keep the group focused and on task while maintaining his stern attitude and composure. Unfortunately for him, this newfound group of friends often challenges this, frequently finding himself flustered and overwhelmed. He desperately tries to get closer to Ani, being the only member of his species that he's seen in a long time, only to flounder about in the most awkward manner. Personal relationships are not his forte.

Despite the facade of strength he puts forth, he is actually quite afraid. Self-doubt and fear fills his mind as if he is hiding some deep shame. Despite all this, he wants nothing more than to save his home and fix this horrible mess.

Will he overcome his fears and be the hero he wants to be?


The optimistic and spiritual shark girl. Everything will be all right in her eyes as long as she holds on to her dwindling faith.

Mari is in a position much like Pike, even being from the same world as he. Lost and alone, she is soon saved and must reconcile her beliefs with the realization that the world isn't as black and white as she's seen it her whole life.

Mari is a beacon of positivity in the group, but is often brushed aside. She retains her sunny disposition as best as she can even in the face of adversity and what would seem to be everything attacking what she's grown up believing in. She follows the group with a similar goal to Pike, to get home.

Beneath all of this is a fragile spirit who is starting to crack and fall apart at the seams. Being one of priestesses of the Church of Oceanus, she truly believed in a God that could save them all. Only now she's lost in a place outside her world and seemingly beyond the simple afterlife her religion taught. Meanwhile, the only member of her own species there to ground her to the only reality she knew, is the most cynical and un-religious person she's ever met. All she's known is starting to fall apart and she just wants to know what's real again.

Will she ever be able to find the truth she seeks?


The tall and slender being from below, who seems more afraid of you than you of he.

Efni (or as Kveikur likes to call him, Atom) is an Absence much like Kveikur. During their travels he would remain entirely neutral if it weren't for his child-like affinity for Kveikur.

Shy and quiet, Atom lurks in the distance down in Lack, never really leaving for any reason. He's efficient at his job, whatever that may be, and would rather be left alone than be forced to socialize with anyone aside from Kveikur. He has no reason to, as he sees it. His duty is to Lack.

Any of the few beings who may have laid eyes on Atom's bizarrely shaped, slender form, have probably felt a fear and uneasiness that goes beyond the normal. However Atom feels twice that fear in most cases, choosing to stay a distance away. Yet he continues to watch like a deer in headlights. If provoked, he may even open his abnormally long mouth and let out a noise that could deafen most beings in an instant. He almost seems to be made of all forms of matter at once and can change his shape with ease.

Atom stays below where he feels safe, but maybe one day he'll break out of his shell.

But what side will he choose?


The cold, three-eyed dog who talks of little more than death and the inevitable end of everything.

Var is an Absence that cares for no one. He feels little. Only the awe and wonder of seeing something come to it's conclusion.

Var's only fuction is to see to it that things die when it's their time, like some canine grim reaper only on a much larger scale. He oversees the death of entire worlds and species.

He is almost entirely emotionless, and works simply on a set of rules and instincts. He's only angered when those rules are challenged. He is capable of breaking the rules but it goes against his entire being. There is little to no room for alteration to the grand design of the universe in his mind. For this reason, he is the only creature that the all-loving Kveikur seems to hold any contempt for.

Not necessarily evil, Var still manages to pose a serious threat. He is the same species as Kveikur and therefore holds immense power, which he seems intent on using to stop more than one member of their group in reaching their goals.

So what is it that our heroes have done to go against the laws of creation?


The forlorn bunny boy, seen only in Ani's dreams.

Dinami appears to Ani while she sleeps and blames her for an event she can not remember, even though he insists she does.

He leads a miserable life of which he rarely talks about. As Ani continues to talk to him, he opens up and comes to learn he's not the only one dealing with the harsh realities of life.

Depressed, cynical and self-deprecating, he wants nothing more than for his fear and suffering to end as he watches his world crumble around him...both literally and figuratively. Deep down, he's lonely and just wants someone to reach out to and for someone to care for him.

Him and Ani are intrinsically linked through some unknown force. Something binds them together as if they were meant to save eachother.

But what is Dinami's relation to Ani, and will he find happiness when they figure it out?


The ancient automaton with a dramatic personality.

TITAN:IF, or IF for short, was found deep in a place known as the Fractured City. They're older than time itself and carry with them a knowledge of the entirety of history along with complex web of events that could have been.

One would expect quiet, stoicism from a being like this. IF, however, is flamboyant, theatrical, melodramatic...everything that goes against expectations. Cracking jokes and trying to keep the mood up. They join the group late into their adventure. You can't expect them to take just about anything seriously, unless its absolutely necessary. They come off blunt and to-the-point with people much to the chagrin of some members of the group.

They're called to action only during times of great crisis; and a crisis this is. Awakened by accident, they swear to protect the group, even if they crack wise more often than not.

Exactly what function does IF serve in these times of crisis, and what will it cost them?


The mysterious beings of unknown origin that lurk in the depths.

The Anomoly are a group of rabbit-like beings that have lived deep in the hidden corners of Lack for eons.

They often stay together in groups and form small colonies amongst eachother, though they occasionally separate and go off on their own.

They initially seem animal-like in their behavior, however there's an incredible depth of knowledge on the universe and all of its workings and they're capable of extraordinary things.

No one seems to know where they came from or why they're here. Not even the Absence.

What are the Anomaly, and are they friend or foe?


Dark Seraphim who feels nothing.

Who is Astil? Why is she here? What is she doing?
What motivates someone to commit the horrible things she has?

Evidentally nothing.
Yet something about Ani makes her hesitate.